Lifeless by Onyx Dark

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Lifeless by Onyx Dark

Post by Onyx on Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:23 pm

Chapter 1
“Amenti get up here NOW.” Michael yells down the basement stairs
“Coming Father.” Amenti responds innocently before glaring at her sisters and going upstairs. If one of them told him, I’m going to bite them. She thinks to herself as she sees her father’s expression.

“How dare you bite someone who is not your familiar. You know how bad that is. If the council hears about this we are going to be in so much trouble. The newspapers are going to have a field day.” Michael screams before collapsing into his winged chair in front of the living room fireplace.

“I’m sorry father. She was bothering Solen and when I told her to leave him alone , she swung at me. You know how my temper gets. I’ve been dealing with her for so long, I just wanted to put an end to it. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Amenti defends herself wearly, knowing that he will sense it if she lies.

“I know it wont happen again but that explanation wont work if the council finds out. Did you at least wipe her memories?”

“Trinity did it for me while I was puking up her blood. She tasted so bad.” She whispers.

“Serves you right Amenti. Dismissed.” Michael orders.

“Yes father.”

The doorbell then rings. “I’ll get it.” calls Amenti from the front hall.

“Hey babe. You guys ready?” says the cutest human she has ever laid eyes upon with his naturally red highlighted blonde hair, his very unhuman violet eyes and his dazzling smile.

“We’re almost ready. Why don’t you guys come in and wait in the den.”

The three boys file into the den as Amenti closes the door and heads back to her lair which she shares with her sisters, Trinity and Celia. She opens the door, which is made to look like a coffin door, and hears the girls whispering.

“You know it doesn’t do any good to whisper since we’re all vampires.” Amenti calls and causes them to jump.

“Sorry sis.” Trinity apologizes as Celia says “Are they here? Is that who was at the door?”

“Yeah they’re here so lets finish getting ready.”

The girls then go to their closets and grab their outfits. Amenti’s is a black mini-skirt with rubies in the shape of drops of blood hanging from the bottom with a red corset with black lace, fishnet tights, black boots with red skulls down the side and her spider choker from her mother. Trinity is wearing a similar outfit in purple but the skirt is a school-girl skirt. Celia, who chooses to dress like a human, is dressed in a white mini with a pink cami and white boots.

As the girls come upstairs and head to the den, Michael stops them. “You know how I wish you would dress as what you are right Ce?”

“Yes father but I don’t see the point if we’re trying to blend in with the humans.”

“Okay fine but if we end up moving to an all vamp town you will dress appropriately.” He says before heading up to his lair.

Trinity opens the door to the den and the girls walk in to see the boys looking at the pictures on the wall.

“You never told me you were a blonde Trin.” Myrnin says.

“You never asked.” She says laughing as she walks into his arms.

Those two are so wrapped up in each other. Amenti says telepathically to Celia.

I know. Its disgusting. They start laughing.

“Oh shut up and lets get going” Trinity says after pulling away from Myrnin’s kiss.

The six head out to the driveway, where a vintage looking Cadillac is sitting.

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Re: Lifeless by Onyx Dark

Post by Liz on Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:22 pm

oooooooo cant wait for more.


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