My Poetry

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My Poetry

Post by Damien on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:15 pm

Two Boxes

I have in my hands two boxes
Which God gave me to hold
He said,"Put all your sorrows in the black,
And all your joys in the gold."
I heeded his words, and in the two boxes
Both my joys and sorrows I store
But though the gold became heavier each day
The black was as light as before
With curiosity, I opened the black
I wanted to find out why
And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole
Which my sorrows had fallen out by
I showed the hole to God, and mused aloud,
"I wonder where my sorrows could be."
He smiled a gentle smile at me.
"My child, they're all here with me."
I asked,"God, why give me the boxes,
"Why the gold, and the black with the hole?"
"My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings,
the black is for you to let go."


My heart is aching because of all the pain I have caused you
My heart was aching till the day you told me you loved me
My heart will always ache till the day i hold you in my arms
My heart won't ache when i have you with me
I have hurt so much i wished for death
Yet you still tell me you love me
I cried every second you hated me
I cried every moment I know could be my last
I cried every day till today know how i feel is being returned to me
I cried every day wishing for death every day till today
I never thought I would see those words from you but now that I have
Life is worth the pain

Light Of My Eyes

My darling
I'm calling out to you
Reassure me
Comfort me
Don't let my hand let go of yours
Don't go away from me for a second
Hold me and make me forget the world
And promise me that you'll stay with me
Oh light of my eyes
Hold me, feel me
With you i will be able to go on and be complete
And no matter who hurts me I'll bear it
Because of your eyes, my darling
I would rather die than leave you..

Light of My Life..

I walk alone through the darkness
with nothing left for me in life
but I dare not give up my search
for hopes of finding the light in my life
that I yearn so deeply for.

Wanting to just give up many times
but the image of her in my head
keeps me pushing forward
never stopping, never resting
in fear of missing her
and loosing her forever.

No matter what stands in my way
I shall keep pressing on and searching,
for she has my heart and my soul

Shes my reason for breathing.


Without you I'm nothing.
Not anything at all.
I miss our amazing times,
Like at the movies, and the mall.

I wish I could go back,
to make everything right.
Then maybe you'd still be
in-love with me tonight.

I sit, and I sit..
with nothing to do.
All this time doing nothing,
but waiting on you.

Without my happiness
I'm miserable at best.
It's like someone shot me
infinity times in the chest.

To be in your presence again,
Is what I hope for one day.
I may not believe in Jesus,
but to get to see you, I'll sure as hell pray.

I miss your smile, your smell,
your laugh, and your hair.
To see you again I'd walk through the bowels of hell.

I'll always love you,
with all of my being.
I know that when I go to bed,
you're all I'll dreaming.

I can't fix the past,
But one thing is true.
Nothing will ever matter more,
Than the memories I've made with you.

I'm glad now though,
because I know that you're happy.
As long as you're smiling,
I can't feel too crappy.

You're my soul mate.
or at least that's what I feel.
And I'll always be here for you.
Even if we're light years apart.

You could push me away, day after day
but my heart will always be dedicated to you,
and I hope that through everything,
you'll still love me too.

Stay Away

Leave me alone and stay away
I don't need you to say everything will be okay
You don't understand and you never will
You've never felt my fears
And your pain will never over fill
You will never shed as much tears
If you could just open your eyes and see
Things won't ever be the same
I believed You all those times when you said everything will be
ok but see what happened
it will never be ok
So leave me be
So just go the way I'm done with all your games
And forever stay away

What's the point in saying sorry, when you know what you done was wrong?
What's the point in saying sorry, when you know you'll carry on?
What's the point in saying sorry, when you know that you are not?
It won't be long before you say sorry again.
You can't change, you won't change, because your sorry.

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Re: My Poetry

Post by Jade on Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:18 pm

Wow. I love the poems Damien!!! Great job on them. Smile



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